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A Life in the Air audiobook samples

The 1st World Hot Air Balloon Championship was mostly tasks that required precise altitude control as defined by narrrow vertical altitude ranges imprinted on the drum of a recording altimeter, or barograph.  I won the first two of these tasks.  The third of these tasks, on the the final flight of the championship, was the most challenging one.  Here is my story of this hair-raising flight:

When we were manufacturing Cameron Balloons, I did all the certification flight test piloting, accompanied by an FAA flight test engineer.  Some of these flights were more exciting than others:

In 1989, flying at the first balloon event in Lithuania, then part of the Soviet Union, we found ourselves with Soviet astronauts as passengers.  Here is how that adventure unfolded:

In 1994 I made my one and only BFA Long Jump flight, which more than doubled the distance anyone had flown on less than 40 gallons of fuel.  In preparation, I flew a shakedown flight that turned out to be much more than I had expected.  The ending was something of a cliffhanger: 

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