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Autopilots Built

Comstock Autopilot Units Built and Delivered


Original purchasers:


  1. Steve Fossett, two units (A & B), lost in Coral Sea east of Australia on rtw flight attempt.

  2. Kevin Uliassi, two units, (C & D?), in Kevin’s possession.

  3. Steve Fossett, two units, (E & F?), in U.S. National Air and Space Museum.

  4. Andy Cayton, one unit, (_?), resold to Remko Wigger in The Netherlands, and  used by Fedor Konyukhov on his solo rtw flight.

  5. Rich Jaworski, one unit (_?), in Rich’s possession.

  6. David Hempleman-Adams, one unit (_?), believed to have been destroyed during  "landing" on oceanic ice floes.?

  7. Michio Kanda, one unit (H); sadly, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.


Epic flights made with the Comstock autopilot:


  1. All of Steve Fossett’s solo rtw flight attempts after the Pacific flight, including the first successful solo rtw flight, ending July 3, 2002.

  2. Both of Kevin Uliassi’s solo rtw flight attempts, including his March 3, 2000 absolute world balloon duration record flight more than half-way around the world.

  3. Andy Cayton’s AX-8/AX-9 February 28, 2005 distance record flight (1066.2 miles).

  4. All of Rich Jaworski's hot air balloon record flights, including AX-4 distance and AX-4 and AX-5 distance and duration records in 2006 and 2007.

  5. David Hempleman-Adams' year 2000 flight to the North Pole.

  6. Dick Smith & John Wallington February 22-24, 2000 flight from New Zealand to Australia.

  7. Fedor Konyukhov’s July 12-23, 2016 duplication of Steve Fossett’s rtw flight.

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